Travel with the style!

«And the snobbery which decrees that one must like Art is almost as tyrannous as that which bids one visit the places where one can see Life»

Aldous Huxley «Along the road»

Ladies and Gentlemen!

It's difficult to find someone who has never traveled. When you were a child, you had been dreaming about adventures. In youth you relaxed with friends from school and University. But today we offer you to travel with us.

In 2014 "Mir International" celebrates its 25th anniversary. We have been gaining a uniqie experience in organizing trips around the world over the years.
We offer:

  • spend a birthday anywhere in the world
  • have an unforgettable romantic vacation
  • organize a wedding ceremony
  • send your children to study a language abroad
  • go to football matches of your favourite team
  • have a shopping spree in London, Milan, Paris, Berlin, New York etc
  • organize your medical tour anywhere in the world
  • relax at the best beach resorts in the world
  • go ski touring
  • help to conduct business negotiations anywhere in the world.

"Mir International" is always ready to make your trip possible and help you to make the right decision.

Our main goal is to realize your ideas and dreams!

Office address:

Nevsky Prospekt 41/A
Saint Petersburg,
191025 Russian Federation
+7 812 767-08-31, +7 812 767-08-34
+7 812 570-66-06
Post address:
Tambovskaya st. 8/10, liter "B" (P.O.B. 124)

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